poor bindhi

It appears our little hunter cat found herself an enemy outdoors. She came home Memorial Day morning (of course it would be a holiday) with a bad limp. I took care of her for the day hoping it would get better and at least not get so bad that I’d have to take her to an emergency cat clinic. Her leg started swelling so I ¬†took her to the vet yesterday and they said it was a cat bite that was getting infected. She earned herself and overnight stay but got to come home today.

Pretty sad huh?

I think she’s really glad to be home and sleeping on my her own bed again.


two new DIYs

This yarn wreath has been a long time coming. My excuse is that I was waiting to find out the color of our new home’s front door before starting this project. Honestly I don’t know why I didn’t just make one for our little house’s red door and a new one for this house. It didn’t take long and was super fun. I’m finding myself being thankful that our house in OK has 2 doors so I can work on another.

Now that all my work is done in my home office, I needed a cute mouse pad. So I uploaded one of my Etsy designs to Vistaprint and ordered it online (shocker). And a week later this came to my door.


Ever go into a store and find that you buy things that match? I went to Ross today and bought these.

owl love

There’s a funky flea market nearby and both times I’ve gone there, I’ve found an adorable owl figurine for $1. All they needed was some yellow spray paint, and voila.

it’s starting to look like home

Since T has been in Colorado for training, I’ve painted an accent wall. Twice. I swear no matter how many times I paint or how many art classes I’ve taken, I just can’t get a wall color right the first time.

It looks more green in the picture than it does it real life. Thanks to the uber artsy filters on instagram.

I’m taking this time alone to try out some Pinterest ideas that have been sitting quietly on my gigantic DIY board. Hello photo clothesline.

I’ve also taken this time alone to begin a whole new addiction — online shopping. What at first started as an innocent thought about not having many shopping options in a small town in the middle-of-nowhere-Oklahoma quickly blossomed into a time money waster. I’ve been eyeing this West Elm duvet cover for months and months. And finally bought matching lamps so we can have symmetry in the bedroom.


I think I need to watch Oklahoma again, just so I don’t get the same short phrase of that song stuck in my head on repeat.

It’s truly beautiful here.