a little catch up

Ever have those times where it feels like everything is happening all at once?

It makes life feel like one big game of catch up.

T’s training just picked up quite a bit, and so did my work. I feel like my ability to balance life is less of a juggle and more like catching some balls and chucking other ones fast and far away. I guess I’ll get better with practice.

T and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary over the weekend. Half a decade is pretty respectable, right? It’s weird to think we’ve been married as long as TomKat were.

I have this really talented photographer client (a fellow Air Force pilot student wife) that I have had a blast working with on some design projects. She’s got a new logo, business cards, letterhead, and website. We launched her website yesterday – take a look! I wish she lived nearby so I could get some photos done by her.

I need to get busy and run my errands. I have a stack of Pinterest projects I want to tackle, but those are just going to have to wait…


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