home-made screen printing

I finally got around to doing this DIY project, and I really love it. No, I wasn’t the clever individual to come up with such a fabulous way to do your own screen printing – this is where I thank Pinterest again. One day I saw this pinned and couldn’t wait to give it a shot.

You can get all the directions you need from her blog, but why not offer up a little tutorial of my own?

Step 1 : Get an embroidery hoop & some panty hose. (Embroidery hoop = $1 from Hobby Lobby. Panty hose = 3 pairs of knee highs for $1 at Dollar General.)

Step 2 : Stretch the panty hose across the hoop and secure. Then cut the excess. You’ll want this to be tight!

Step 3 : Print your design, cut it out, and trace it onto your screen with a sharpie. Also this is about the time where you want to stop and think about this – if you have any words in your design, you’ll need to make sure they’re backward to print forward. Trust me, don’t go any farther until you’ve made sure you’ve got it right.

Step 4 : Start painting everything you want to be left untouched on your final product with mod podge. The mod podge keeps the paint from going through, so whatever you paint on the screen will be bare on the final project.

Step 5 : Let it dry. The mod podge will turn clear and harden before it’s ready to use.

Step 6 : Put your screen face down on your material (t shirt, bag, whatever) and squeeze your fabric paint out inside your screen. Cut out a rectangular piece of cardboard and trim the top 2 corners off. Use this piece of cardboard to spread the paint and push it through your screen. You will definitely want to test this out on a practice piece first to get the hang of how much paint to use, how much to spread it and how much pressure to use.

Step 7 : Carefully pull your screen straight away from the material. And voila. Your finished project.

Step 8 : Let it dry for 24 hours then iron to set the paint.

Last night I stayed up ’till 1am working on some of these.

Yes, it’s taking over my office / studio. Thankfully I just set T up with an office space of his own so we don’t have to share any longer. I’m excited this project has turned out so far and these bags have become an addition to my Holiday Marketplace inventory. We’ll see how mass production goes before I add them to my Etsy store


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