We bought our couch from Craigslist 4 years ago when we first moved to Kansas City. It was only $200, in excellent condition, and came with 4 pillows (oh how I miss Craigslist in a city). The pillows had seen much better days after our dogs got a hold of them when they were little. They weren’t ruined but looking pretty rough… That’s where an impulse Hobby Lobby fabric buy and my sewing machine come in.



I was really surprised by how quickly this project went by. And I love the results – how can anyone go wrong with chevron? That exact color blue matches our blue accent wall in the living room perfectly.


happy halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Last night was a blast, seeing lots of little ones all dressed up and giving them hand-fulls of candy. We saw the cutest “Snoopy” ever, a pumpkin who just started to walk, a brother / sister duo of the Earth and Sun, and tons of princesses and super heroes. The kids weren’t the only ones who dressed up…

T & I dressed as Dwight and Angela from The Office.

Friends of ours were a spartan and a pirate.

And yet another friend was the “running dead” – walking dead with her running gear on.

Even though Halloween itself didn’t feel very much like fall with 70+ degree weather, the week or 2 before has been chilly enough to make me whip up some gluten-free baked goods.

GF Carrot Cake….

…and GF Pumpkin Pie.

Hard to believe it’s November already!