valentine’s day – stamped conversation heart cookies

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!


This year I decided to make Valentine’s for T to take to work for his coworkers to enjoy. And of course, I decided this yesterday afternoon. Without much of a plan, I ran out to Hobby Lobby with a friend and did some in-store brainstorming. I found a heart cookie cutter which inspired an iPhone google search that turned up this blog post on stamped conversation heart cookies. Perfect! So I also grabbed a set of upper-case letter stamps, a gourmet food pen (which turned out to be THE BEST addition to the cookie recipe), clear treat bags, and some chevron scrapbook paper. I still can’t pass up chevron’s.

Here’s a little step-by-step of how they were done. If you want the actual recipe, go to Lauren’s blog.

Step one – Mix up the dough. This dough has more flour than regular sugar cookies so the letters will hold their shape better.


Step two – Roll out the dough & cut out the hearts. Place cookies onto cookie sheets lined with parchment paper.



Step three – Stamp your words into the cookies. I just used “XOXO” and “Be Mine” for these, but I wish I’d also stamped some with “That’s What She Said”. I would err on the side of pushing the stamps in too much rather than too little, since the cookies will rise a bit when they cook.



Step four – Put the sheets of cookies into the freezer for 10 minutes, then pop them straight into your preheated oven. Cook them however long they need (my thicker ones took almost twice the time as the thinner ones) and then let them cool. You’ll notice the letters probably aren’t as noticeable as you’d like, but should still be there. We’ll fix this once they’ve cooled off.


Step five – Grab your gourmet food pen – which is basically a marker with food coloring instead of ink – and fill in the indented letters.






Step six – Cut your scrapbook paper down to smaller rectangles. I started from a 12″ x 12″ sheet and cut it into 6″ x 3″ strips. Score the paper down the middle and fold (when folded it should be 6″ x 1.5″). Place one cookie into a clear treat bag, then fold/roll the top of the bag down until it almost reaches the cookie. Place the folded strip of paper over it and staple into place. Then voila. Valentine treat bags with stamped conversation heart sugar cookies.



truth about me & blogging


Christmas and New Years feel so far away now, it’s hard to believe that it’s still just January. Life has picked back it’s new routine and as every year seems to do it, time has sped up a little bit more.

I’m going to be honest. I love having a blog and I hate having a blog. I love having a place to share my thoughts, projects, and instagrams, but I hate the commitment . There are so many incredible ones out there that have great new posts daily, a huge number of followers, and even are successful enough to become a supporting income. And that’s overwhelming! I find myself wanting to do ALL or NOTHING, which I can’t do. When life gets in the way, this blog is the first ball of what I’m juggling to drop but I always find myself coming back to it. And while it won’t be the freshest, most creative, busy or successful one out there, that’s okay.

Which brings me to my New Years resolution. Not everyone believes in them but I like the idea of looking at what isn’t working in your life and beginning the new year on a different path. I’ve found resolving something general and attainable is the best way to go, like compliment people more, try more new things, prioritize health and my goal for 2013…


What’s your goal for this new year?

happy halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Last night was a blast, seeing lots of little ones all dressed up and giving them hand-fulls of candy. We saw the cutest “Snoopy” ever, a pumpkin who just started to walk, a brother / sister duo of the Earth and Sun, and tons of princesses and super heroes. The kids weren’t the only ones who dressed up…

T & I dressed as Dwight and Angela from The Office.

Friends of ours were a spartan and a pirate.

And yet another friend was the “running dead” – walking dead with her running gear on.

Even though Halloween itself didn’t feel very much like fall with 70+ degree weather, the week or 2 before has been chilly enough to make me whip up some gluten-free baked goods.

GF Carrot Cake….

…and GF Pumpkin Pie.

Hard to believe it’s November already!

summer’s over + a little bit of everything.

Today it’s only 60 degrees! And it’s raining. That’s a far cry from the sunny 110+ weather we’ve had here in OK recently. I believe summer is over and fall is officially here, or at least near…

Homemade caramel apples are a fall must – so easy to make and so delicious.

Poor Eber, he loves a brisk fall morning to run and play like a mad dog, but he’s nursing an injured paw. Paws unfortunately take a long time to heal.

With a new season comes the urge to reorganize & redecorate. Even in our last house, my desk has always been facing a window. The other day I had just had enough and needed a change.

And of course, this blank wall has to be decorated.

I know, I know, those cork boards look dumb all clean and unused. But I have been far too busy to tack anything up there since I put this up. Side note : you know you’ve been on the internet too much when you describe your cork boards to your husband as “pinterest boards, but real”.

Want to see a super quick before & after?

I thought so.

Before: A pair of matching frames with water damaged prints from the thrift store.

After: Matching cork boards with weathered white frames.

Bam. That’s my kind of DIY project.

I have some exciting projects in the works – both design related and for my Etsy store. There’s also a craft fair coming up in November that I will have a booth in. Here’s a couple teasers.

end of summer vacay

For the past 9 days I’ve been in Texas on vacay. 7 of those were spent on the beach in Galveston. It was really nice to leave the state of OK for a while and enjoy my favorite place in the world — the beach.

a little catch up

Ever have those times where it feels like everything is happening all at once?

It makes life feel like one big game of catch up.

T’s training just picked up quite a bit, and so did my work. I feel like my ability to balance life is less of a juggle and more like catching some balls and chucking other ones fast and far away. I guess I’ll get better with practice.

T and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary over the weekend. Half a decade is pretty respectable, right? It’s weird to think we’ve been married as long as TomKat were.

I have this really talented photographer client (a fellow Air Force pilot student wife) that I have had a blast working with on some design projects. She’s got a new logo, business cards, letterhead, and website. We launched her website yesterday – take a look! I wish she lived nearby so I could get some photos done by her.

I need to get busy and run my errands. I have a stack of Pinterest projects I want to tackle, but those are just going to have to wait…

birthday weekend

Here’s some highlights from my birthday weekend.

Finally made this (gluten-free) recipe from pinterest.

Got some gifts from my wish list! This framed butterfly.

An owl cookie jar to add to my owl collection obsession.

These 2 adorable laptop bags — perfect for my new MacBook — from here and here.

Spent Saturday on the lake — swimming and skiing. I’m terrified of losing my precious iPhone to the lake, so I don’t have any pics of our actual activities. Just me trying to snap a self portrait without the guys noticing and a shot of the gorgeous sunset.

And of course, what kind of weekend would it be without our furry babies? Bindhi somehow made her way up to the top of the super tall medicine cabinet and sacked out for the day. Pepper obviously needed some lap dog snuggle time with T.

I feel very blessed. All 25 years of me.