summer’s over + a little bit of everything.

Today it’s only 60 degrees! And it’s raining. That’s a far cry from the sunny 110+ weather we’ve had here in OK recently. I believe summer is over and fall is officially here, or at least near…

Homemade caramel apples are a fall must – so easy to make and so delicious.

Poor Eber, he loves a brisk fall morning to run and play like a mad dog, but he’s nursing an injured paw. Paws unfortunately take a long time to heal.

With a new season comes the urge to reorganize & redecorate. Even in our last house, my desk has always been facing a window. The other day I had just had enough and needed a change.

And of course, this blank wall has to be decorated.

I know, I know, those cork boards look dumb all clean and unused. But I have been far too busy to tack anything up there since I put this up. Side note : you know you’ve been on the internet too much when you describe your cork boards to your husband as “pinterest boards, but real”.

Want to see a super quick before & after?

I thought so.

Before: A pair of matching frames with water damaged prints from the thrift store.

After: Matching cork boards with weathered white frames.

Bam. That’s my kind of DIY project.

I have some exciting projects in the works – both design related and for my Etsy store. There’s also a craft fair coming up in November that I will have a booth in. Here’s a couple teasers.


birthday weekend

Here’s some highlights from my birthday weekend.

Finally made this (gluten-free) recipe from pinterest.

Got some gifts from my wish list! This framed butterfly.

An owl cookie jar to add to my owl collection obsession.

These 2 adorable laptop bags — perfect for my new MacBook — from here and here.

Spent Saturday on the lake — swimming and skiing. I’m terrified of losing my precious iPhone to the lake, so I don’t have any pics of our actual activities. Just me trying to snap a self portrait without the guys noticing and a shot of the gorgeous sunset.

And of course, what kind of weekend would it be without our furry babies? Bindhi somehow made her way up to the top of the super tall medicine cabinet and sacked out for the day. Pepper obviously needed some lap dog snuggle time with T.

I feel very blessed. All 25 years of me.

poor bindhi

It appears our little hunter cat found herself an enemy outdoors. She came home Memorial Day morning (of course it would be a holiday) with a bad limp. I took care of her for the day hoping it would get better and at least not get so bad that I’d have to take her to an emergency cat clinic. Her leg started swelling so I  took her to the vet yesterday and they said it was a cat bite that was getting infected. She earned herself and overnight stay but got to come home today.

Pretty sad huh?

I think she’s really glad to be home and sleeping on my her own bed again.